Roadside Towing and Car Breakdown Service Provider in Wangaratta

Vehicles can breakdown quite unexpectedly and leave you stranded on a running highway or on an unknown road. It is in such scenarios that you are likely to need roadside towing from a reliable service provider. UV Towing & Transportation offers roadside towing to help you in times of sudden breakdowns. Moreover, our roadside towing is available even at odd hours.

Be a part of the UV Towing & Transportation community and enjoy Wangaratta’s most reliable and affordable car breakdown service.

Roadside Towing and Car Breakdown Service

Through our 9 years of extensive and hardworking experience we have gained a lot of expertise in the towing and hauling of vehicles. Our team is qualified to take care of your cars and helps in locating them to the right place in a secure manner. At UV Towing & Transportation, we use the latest technology to tow away vehicles. When you seek help from us, our team delivers quality towing service. And the best part is that our service come at an affordable price and reach customers on time. We are an established roadside towing service provider in Wangaratta and North Eastern Victoria. We understand Aussie standards of vehicle management and care. For us, your vehicle is our top priority.

Why Choose Us for towing at times of Roadside breakdowns in Wangaratta?

If you are in search of an affordable and trustworthy roadside towing then there is nothing better than our breakdown towing assistance. We understand our customers’ anxiety and therefore ensure that each service we offer is worth their time and money. We are a reliable towing service provider across Wangaratta and North Eastern Victoria for many reasons such as:

  • Quality roadside towing and transportation

  • Affordable and reliable breakdown towing

  • Vehicle salvage and recovery

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Expert team of professional towers and service providers

Keep our contact in your car whenever you need roadside towing service anywhere in Wangaratta and North Eastern Victoria. To get a quote, contact us on 0450 064 309 or mail us at


” I have always received good service from UV Towing & Transportation. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. “
Michael, UV Towing


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Emergency Towing

Here at UV Towing, we can take care of all car towing services. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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