Safe And Reliable Machinery Towing Service in Wangaratta

Cars are made of heavy-duty machinery. That is why it’s essential to hire a towing service that keeps the structure of your machine in mind while moving. With our team’s experience of towing and transportation, UV Towing & Transportation provides a versatile towing service that includes machinery towing service. Our competitive prices as well as safe and reliable assistance ensures that towing cost don’t go overboard. Along with experience, technical knowhow and latest equipment, our insured vehicles deliver quality machinery towing service in Wangaratta and North Eastern Victoria.

Machinery Towing in Wangaratta & Melbourne

Whether you need to transport farm machinery, large factory inputs or perhaps some small-scale machinery, our towing operators will assist you while ensuring the safety of your machinery. We are among Australia’s most reliable towing services with over 9 years of experience. Our priority always lies in speedily yet securely delivering your machinery to the right location.

Fully Equipped Machine Towing Service in Wangaratta and North Eastern Victoria

Here are a few things that equip our team in establishing UV Towing & Transportation as an efficient towing service:

  • Latest technology

  • Superior quality harness and leashes

  • Quality trailers and extendable beds

  • Qualified staff with years of experience

  • Heavy-duty trucks (fully insured)

Whether you are planning an entire plant relocation or just need to move a single machine, our fleet of trucks can easily assist you in both scenarios.

We are licensed to transport your vehicle in the city. Furthermore, our drivers and vehicles have all the necessary documents including permits, pollution clearance, insurance, and accreditation to work in a towing agency. UV Towing & Transportation has a wide spectrum of legal working areas.

Heavy Machinery Towing and Transportation Service in Wangaratta

If you have heavy machinery to relocate, avoid hiring a truck service to assist you. Hiring a truck service ends up accumulation quite a lot of expenditure as well as increases the likely hood of your vehicle getting damaged in the transportation process.
No matter the density or dimension of the vehicle and destination, we will help you reach your location in a safe, efficient manner. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Budget-friendly service

  • 24/7 availability

  • Faster access

  • Easy tracking of tow vehicle via GPS

  • 9 years+ experience

  • Latest technology, trucks, and equipment

  • Major and minor machinery towing and transportation

When you get all these services at a cost-effective rate, then why not hire UV Towing and Transportation services in Wangaratta and North Eastern Victoria? To get a quote, contact us on 0450 064 309 or mail us at


” I have always received good service from UV Towing & Transportation. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. “
Michael, UV Towing


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