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Available 24*7

Available 24*7

Here at UV Towing, we can take care of all car towing services. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.



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UV Towing & Transportation

UV Towing & Transportation:
Wangaratta’s No.1 Tow Truck Service

Is your vehicle damaged? Are you stuck on the roadside with a broken vehicle? In such a situation, you need a reliable tow truck service to haul your damaged vehicle to its right place. That’s where UV Towing & Transportation steps in.  Our responsive towing service is always ready to come to your help, no matter where you need us. We offer 24×7 roadside towing service. If you’re looking for reliable and cheap tow truck services in Wangaratta, then we are the perfect fit for you.

UV Towing & Transportation offers exceptional towing services across the state. We also offer roadside towing for car drivers when their car breaks down during their journey. Our team hauls your car in a safe, professional manner. All our towing vehicles are fitted with GPS to track their location and to enable easy access to the vehicle. Our primary goal is to provide a hassle-free, affordable towing service to our clients in Wangaratta.

Fully Insured Vehicles

Quick And Immediate Response

Years of Experience
24/7 Towing Service
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Car Towing

Available 24×7 to tow your car, wherever you need.

machine towing

Machine Towing

Do you have a machine that needs to be carried away? Our cheap tow truck service is available for towing machines.

Auction Towing in Wangaratta & Melbourne

Auction Towing

Are there any vehicles that you want to send for auction? We got you covered! Our experts will deliver it to the desired location with proper care.

Roadside Towing and Car Breakdown Service


Need roadside towing for emergency situations? Whatever issue might be troubling you, have no fear. Our dedicated team can reach you location to securely transport your vehicle.

Statewide Interstate Towing


Need to tow a car or truck to another state? Our extensive services effectively cover your transport needs.

Emergency towing


Need some urgent help? Did you and your vehicle suffer a severe accident? UV Towing & Transportation service will reach you in no time.


” I have always received good service from UV Towing & Transportation. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. “
Michael, UV Towing


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Why is UV Towing considered the
Best Tow Truck Service Provider in Wangaratta?

UV Towing & Transportation has earned respect from our customers in Wangaratta. Our skilled team ensures that your vehicle is safely transported, providing support and assistance to car owners. With us, your efforts as well as hard earned money are saved. Our quality service and dedicated staff are valued in North Eastern Victoria. Here are some reasons we are among the most reliable truck towing service provider in Wangaratta:

  • Expert towing company

  • 9+ years of experience

  • Qualified staff

  • Attentive care for vehicles

  • Superior-quality vehicles provided (fully insured)

  • 24×7 availability

  • Using high-quality technology

  • Fast and reliable service

  • Responsive

  • Available for emergency and urgent towing

Tow Truck Service

Emergency Towing

Our assistance is what you need to carry a new vehicle or a clunker. Whenever you need towing, just give us a call. Get special assistance for roadside assistance membership.

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